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Yamit Tabacaru's Law Firm

Yamit Tabacaru's Law Firm provides legal services and representation in all major fields of tax law and finance, for both Israeli and foreign clients.

Mrs. Tabacaru is an attorney and tax consultant, who has over 15 years of experience in various fields of tax law and financial matters. The firm's services are rendered to clients in the private and business sector, such as entrepreneurs, immigrants and returning residents, emigrants, startups, small businesses, large corporations, and more.

​The unique integration of expertise in both financial regulation and taxation grants our clients a significant advantage of optimized legal services and execution when facing judicial courts, regulatory bodies, banks, Israeli tax authorities, financial institutions, and any other regulatory body or any financial disputes. Our firm takes pride in providing legal services in a personal approach while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, confidentiality, and broad strategic view. We believe that our integrative, exclusive, and step-by-step approach enhances the chances of success for our clients.

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  • International Taxation
    Yamit Tabacaru's Law Firm is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses with various international tax matters, including voluntary disclosures, offshore real estate tax planning, international tax structures, tax planning for immigrants and emigrants, tax planning for returning residents, tax treaties, withholding tax, and more. ​ Our law firm is committed to providing timely and efficient tax services while working in collaboration with many offshore law firms and professionals.
  • Compliance and International Wire Transfers
    Yamit Tabacaru's Law Firm provides various services in Compliance and International Wire Transfers, such as settling disputes with the banks, managing regulation and compliance proceedings, assisting in the opening of Israeli and foreign bank accounts, managing trust funds, releasing "frozen" funds, and more. ​ Our services are conducted by assessing the legal limitations of the relevant financial institutions while accompanying our clients through all processes necessary to successfully transfer the related funds.
  • Immigrants and Returning Residents
    Yamit Tabacaru's Law Firm assists individuals who plan on making Aaliyah for the first time ("Oleh Chadash") and returning residents. Our tax legal services include an extensive investigation of tax exposure, both in Israel and abroad, while working in cooperation with foreign experts when necessary. Additionally, our firm is committed to maximizing the client's ability to obtain their legal rights and tax benefits, while reducing tax liabilities.
  • Financial Regulation
    Yamit Tabacaru’s Law Firm provides its clients with a range of Financial Regulation services, including the planning of International business structures in the field of online commerce; obtaining offshore financial licensing; implementing suitable compliance and regulation procedures; entry into foreign international markets; establishing regulatory compliance structures; planning B2B and B2C structures; and more. ​ Our firm is experienced in creating International Operation Tax Structures that holds the client’s best interests and is most effective for the company and its shareholders.
  • Termination of Israeli Tax Residency
    Yamit Tabacaru's Law Firm assists clients looking to relocate and terminate their Tax Residency, such as employees (relocation), individuals, corporations, etc. Our firm provides strategic and tailor-made tax services based on the specific needs of every client. Our services include forming custom-made checklists; preparing necessary paperwork for termination of residency; submitting annual tax reports; preparing and submitting “Tax Residency Declaration Form” to the Israeli Tax Authorities; and more.
  • Voluntary Disclosure
    Yamit Tabacaru's Law Firm accompanies its clients in all processes included in declaring unreported funds to the Israeli Tax Authorities. Recently, there have been changes in the Israeli legislation making tax offenses a violation under the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Law. In the past, you could go to the bank with a suitcase full of cash and the bank would overly embrace us. Nowadays, the bank is likely to report us to the authorities for fear of an AML offense. ​ In addition, Israel has entered the International CRS (Common Reporting Standard) agreement. All the above, in conjunction with the increase in monitoring requirements placed on the banking institution, has made using undeclared funds nearly impossible. ​ Yamit Tabacaru has extensive experience in accompanying clients through the voluntary disclosure agreement and has properly declared funds in high amounts while obtaining immunity from unnecessary legal proceedings
  • Individual Taxation
    Yamit Tabacaru’s Law Firm provides a broad range of legal services applicable to Individual Taxation. Our services include strategic planning and management of all Israeli and foreign tax matters, such as management of litigation proceedings, negotiations with the Tax Authorities, filing various tax applications, employee options- 102, tax returns, and more. Our firm's work is conducted through a comprehensive examination of all the individual's tax affairs while optimizing tax returns and reducing tax liabilities.
  • Israeli Taxation
    Yamit Tabacaru's Law Firm provides legal advice in all areas of Israeli taxation, including tax planning for entrepreneurs and companies, tax returns, tax refunds, voluntary disclosures, pre-ruling with the Israeli Tax Authorities, reporting foreign inheritance and gifts, and more. ​ Our law firm offers timely and efficient legal services and advice on evolving tax law and policies while providing clients with innovative and practical approaches to minimize tax liabilities.
  • ​Real Estate Taxation
    Yamit Tabacaru's Law Firm provides various Real Estate Tax services, including preparation of various reports to the Real Estate Taxation Authorities, tax planning and intergenerational transfers of real estate assets, tax planning for entrepreneurs, limiting real estate taxation, and more. Our services are conducted with a broad view of all the client's tax affairs, incorporated with the obligations required by the Real Estate Taxation Law, and an incentive to reduce tax liabilities.
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T. +972 (0) 3 303 6155 | F. +972 (0) 3 303 6355

   Hagag Northen Tower, 5th floor, 28 HaArba'a St., Tel Aviv  647392 

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